Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
I’ve watched you run 8 miles straight
and eat 4 strawberries for breakfast
and half a slice of toast for lunch (with a teaspoon of jam)
and pride yourself for being healthy

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
I’ve watched you use the phrase “nothing is impossible” as a weapon against yourself, a driving force to attain the unattainable

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
you got that internship you wanted and the straight A’s you desired
and I know you want a round of applause but sadly I can’t join in
I watched you pop pill after pill and never smile and wear yourself sick just to achieve your goal
and denied it when I asked why the little space under your eyes were becoming black holes

Take care of yourself
I sat and watched as you screamed in my face and got defensive when I said this
when I said “take care of yourself”
Because whatever chord those four words hit,
It hurt too much to bear
And you’d much rather be comfortable with being uncomfortable
and show everyone how wrong you think they are
Than admitting this all to yourself
And giving yourself a break

I hope you take care of yourself
Because you’ve turned yourself into a robot
Forced to oblige by numbers set by calories and pounds and inches and grade point averages and amounts of achievements and successes and wins
But can’t remember the last time you slept in
Or treated yourself to the warmth of those chocolate chip cookies made fresh and by hand
Or wrote an entry in your journal
Or had a deep soulful laugh
Or didn’t turn down a night out with the friends you had before they got tired of trying to reason with an empty being
Or even considered getting help (because you are human yet strive to be spotless like an unboxed doll)
but please
because I can’t force you, only hope for you
take care of yourself

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To those who aim for perfection and feel so worthless when they don’t achieve such extremities. You can’t become who you already are. You are perfect! Allow yourself to fall and eat cookies if you want to, be silly and be wild. Have a good time. This is your life. You’re meant to be happy. Take care of yourself but most importantly love yourself too. Be okay with who you are today regardless of external factors.

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sext: lets go to a farmers market and buy organic produce.
sext even harder: let’s grow a garden together and cook from our own.

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Being in love with one self is the most liberating and the most powerful thing anyone can do. By loving yourself you are free to love others. To radiate and transcend that energy into the world. Love thyself. You are the very essence of life. You matter because there are billions of atoms that make up who you are. The very same atoms that are can be found in nature. You belong on earth, you are part of life, you are a living force emitting radiant energy into the world. So I beg that you love your very essence.


“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh